Choosing a Skip Trace Company Providing Asset Search for Private Investigator

Whether you have a case of divorce or a case of the separation of one of the partners from the firm, asset searches will be very crucial in order to get to know the details of assets in the name of a person who is likely to have the assets hidden. As a private investigator, you will need to know the details in order to fight the cast effectively.

There are many skip trace companies that provide asset searches for a wide range of clients. They have an array of services designed to meet different needs, for example, vehicle search, real property search, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, savings accounts, etc.


If you have a case that may require different types of searches, it is a good idea to choose an agency that provides a wide range of services. US Collection Services is such a company that has long been catering to the needs of various professionals through its carefully crafted services. Having a pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company will do private investigator asset search for businesses as well as individuals without hampering the rapport with customers.

It has a track record of successfully conducting some of the most complex searches and helping its clients identify the hidden bank accounts, real estate, safe deposit certificates to mention only a few. You should count only on those collection agencies that are highly acclaimed and have served a number of elite clients, meeting their requirements in the best manner.

Such a collection agency has potential or is able to locate secret bank accounts, private properties, and security deposits that will change the face of judgments in the cases going under trial. Whether you are a private investigator needing to do an asset search for your clients or an attorney having a case of divorce, choosing the right collection agency will help you have an upper hand in the case.


Judgement Recovery Services Offer Help through Five Different Ways

The reports show that maximum of the judgement that is passed by the court remains un-claimed in United States. Whoever hers it presents a sense of confusion that why the creditor do not claim it from the debtor on the court’s orders. But there are reasons behind this like the defaulter has hidden his asset, has moved out of his known location, and has modified every detail that helps to catch them. So, people being so much busy do not waste their time chasing the debtor.

This is where the creditor can take the help of the Default Judgement Collections services that can a great help in the matter. Through the skip tracing services and other technologies, the private investigators of the service providers carries out the process in the following manner:


1. A personalized account administrator is offered in order to have a thorough look into the debt situation of the creditor as the services reap a good output with collaborative effort.
2. Next skip tracing services and other manual services are used to trace the defaulter’s whereabouts if in case he has disappeared from the scene.
3. Decent and respectful reminders are given to the debtors as this may be of immense help if forceful act does not help.
4. A debt negotiation is carried out online through the software as this would ensure recovery of certain amount in cases where the debtors actually do not have assets to repay.
5. A professional company like US Collection Services makes sure that you receive not only the due amount but the interest on the figures that is due.

Also, make sure that you be told every single move of the agency.