Providing you with comprehensive private investigator asset search solutions

Creditors need to verify financial stability of debtors; businesses need to verify assets of potential business partners; investors need to determine the financial stability of those that they are considering investing their money in. There are many situations in life where you wish you had known your partner better – and things are no different when you’re making a financial commitment. Here, is when you need asset search services for getting information for collection of debt. For your for Judgement and Debt Collection Purposes, US Collection services provides you with comprehensive asset search solutions.

Skip Tracing Services

US Collection Services understands the type of information you’re looking for and provides full suite of asset search packages created especially for law firms, attorneys, P.I.’s and their clients. Their private investigator asset search services include state and nationwide property searches, state and nationwide bank account search, employment search, brokerage search, and skip traces. Here, you’ve the reasons why they’re favored by many attorneys, private investigators and firms:

• Professional discount programs available
• Unmatched and competitively priced services for asset search.
• Information delivered in 24 to 72 hours
• Only useful information is provided and not the useless one
• Confidentiality of your information is one of the priorities.

Over the years, US Collection Services has successfully conducted some of the most complex searches and helped our clients identify the hidden bank accounts, real estate, safe deposit certificates to mention only a few. The agency takes pride in providing a varied range of services to our clients that are spread across the United States. They’ve also established themselves as one of the leading judgement collection agency. With their top grade services, they have reached the pinnacle among the Private Investigator Companies.

Do You Know About Skip Tracing Services?

When you require somebody found or followed, the employment will be proficient far faster and a great deal more effectively when enlisting on a procedure server prepared for that reason. Skip tracing can be as guiltless as finding departed relatives or as included as finding the person who slipped off with a large number of pounds in organization resources. In many cases law requirement will get to be included yet even they regularly ask for the prepared procedure server to find the person being referred to. Absconders, borrowers, and the individuals who just escape as opposed to confront the outcomes are an ordinary event and when they pick not to be found it turns out to be somewhat a round of feline and mouse with the mouse being a wise however equivocal person who might preferably avoid powers than face the results of their activities. Some Skip Tracing Company offers these services at affordable rates.

US Collection Services

Follow and find includes tolerance and knowing where to look

One of the occupations performed great by a procedure server is finding people who pick not to be found. This regularly includes electronic follow techniques which are the most recent strategy for identification. Large portions of our own data can be found with the banks, law authorization, and through assessment records yet quite a bit of that information is limited because of security laws unless that individual has perpetrated wrongdoings. Be that as it may, when the wrongdoing is just avoiding a past business or maybe ducking out on tyke bolster installments, the measure of data permitted to be openly given can be limited, making it hard to accumulate the required information and intimations. Knowing where to look and who to solicit are only some from the “little-known techniques” a great procedure server will use keeping in mind the end goal to discover somebody. Physical portrayals check the individual being referred to, giving verification that he is who he says he is or maybe who he denies being. Fingerprints, DNA, photos, physical insights, for example, tallness, weight, state of their teeth, age, hair shading, eye shading, and any markings, for example, tattoos or skin colorations will learn if the procedure server has found the very individual they’ve been looking for. We also offer Default Judgment Collections service to our customers.

The perfect procedure server knows his (or her) employment back to front

It takes years to be completely educated in all parts of the craft of process serving however a great part of the nuts and bolts can be scholarly while in preparing with a qualified server who will pass on huge numbers of the apparatuses, assignments, and traps they have learned. At the point when trying to procure a procedure server for a particular assignment, for example, skip tracing, finding a person to serve papers on, or chase down missing relatives, make inquiries and check references to discover how much experience that individual has in managing the job needing to be done. Despite the fact that they may need in years of experience at work they may well be skilled on the off chance that they’ve had legitimate preparing. It takes both preparing and experience to end up finished, however with a specific end goal to arrive, they should be employed and allowed to substantiate themselves and additionally learn. The craft of process serving is certainly one of those at work preparing occupations.

Choosing a Skip Trace Company Providing Asset Search for Private Investigator

Whether you have a case of divorce or a case of the separation of one of the partners from the firm, asset searches will be very crucial in order to get to know the details of assets in the name of a person who is likely to have the assets hidden. As a private investigator, you will need to know the details in order to fight the cast effectively.

There are many skip trace companies that provide asset searches for a wide range of clients. They have an array of services designed to meet different needs, for example, vehicle search, real property search, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, savings accounts, etc.


If you have a case that may require different types of searches, it is a good idea to choose an agency that provides a wide range of services. US Collection Services is such a company that has long been catering to the needs of various professionals through its carefully crafted services. Having a pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company will do private investigator asset search for businesses as well as individuals without hampering the rapport with customers.

It has a track record of successfully conducting some of the most complex searches and helping its clients identify the hidden bank accounts, real estate, safe deposit certificates to mention only a few. You should count only on those collection agencies that are highly acclaimed and have served a number of elite clients, meeting their requirements in the best manner.

Such a collection agency has potential or is able to locate secret bank accounts, private properties, and security deposits that will change the face of judgments in the cases going under trial. Whether you are a private investigator needing to do an asset search for your clients or an attorney having a case of divorce, choosing the right collection agency will help you have an upper hand in the case.